Coverage Area

We cover Areas from Mercedes to San Juan. La Villa to Edinburg. San Carlos To Progreso, Palmview, Mission, Alton, Palmhurst and Monte Alto. Our Focus is in Hidalgo County's Rural Areas. Small Gated Subdivisions and Large Colonias. We offer service Thru All major County Roads, and caliche Roads, We serve the Residents of Hidalgo County. We service where the Customer needs our service within Hidalgo County.

Residential Prices

All Prices include Tax 96 Gal. Container 300 Gal. Container
First Payment
(includes 3-month service and app fee)
$96.88 $186.47
3-Month Service Fee
Weekly Trash Pickup; 1-year contract
$86.88 ($28.96/mo) $166.47 ($55.49/mo)


Please call our office for pricing on Construction Roll-Off Containers
as our fee varies depending on the job site.

Throw your Trash away...not your Money!